Our Story
Pochini Family Farm got its start in 1999 when our family went out  in search of a local choose and cut Christmas tree farm. We did locate one not too farm from home, but later found out that they had plans to close their farm just a few years down the road. "Where will we go then?", we thought. That's when the idea hit us to plant some trees of our own.

The Pochini property was once covered in prune trees, and still has a couple left from that original orchard that was planted during Prohibition. But now, those approximately 4 hilly acres are covered in Christmas trees.
We started planting the Winter of 2001, with our first year of cutting trees in Christmas 2006. The trees were still fairly small that first season and we only sold a handful. Every year from then on, we have doubled our sales of choose and cut trees. We now sell about 300 trees per season. Relatively speaking, we are a small, family owned operation, with not too much room for growth (or parking). We also employ the help of local Calistoga High Schoolers as an opportunity for work experience. 

The property was impacted by the 2017 Tubbs Fire, where we lost several buildings and a small portion of our trees. Luckily, thanks to volunteers we were able to rebuild the Christmas Tree Shop, plant new trees, and are back in the swing of things. We our proud and honored to welcome you to Pochini Family Farm to celebrate the Holiday season!